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All it can take…

I realized something today at Lipo Lounge while being in the circle with SPC (Switchstep, Invent), BopNtodd, Kem, and the other bboys. Finding inspiration this year hasn’t necessarily been hard for me because I seem to find it without looking. Thankful for my new outlook on life for that one.

But I realized that sometimes all it can take is:
a beat,
a rhythm
a melody
a lyric,
a dance,
a move,
a groove,
a musical note,
a crowd,
a vibe,
a chance,
a cypher,

to make me feel like I have so much more I need and WANT to work on.

After seeing some of the dancers and getting down myself, a few things I felt that I want to work on was self-control, discipline, comfortability, patience, and aura.

And what occurred to me was that it didn’t necessarily relate just to dancing. But, if we look at a few of those aspects in dancing terms I feel that they are all necessities for myself when I dance and express myself. Just another way for me to relate life and dance!

Overtime there’s a quote that I live by that is slowly becoming more and more true and the feelings can be overwhelming. Without going too much into detail right now, the quote is:

“Dancers are sad people because their dreams never really come true. Every time they improve and attain their goals they always want to get EVER BETTER! —Seen-san.

At this point every time I work on something I know I can always do it better. And I know that there is ALWAYS something else to be working on. Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing feeling to constantly stay hungry for growth in a variety of ways.

I’m so thankful for all of these inspirations and opportunities available to me that allow to live out attempting to achieve my dreams.


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