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80’s Funk Session at Mission

Before I forget I wanted to mention that I had a freaking awesome session with Romy, Will, Josh, Josh, and Ceech earlier at mission.

Josh just straight up played dope 80’s tracks that we’ll never ever get to battle. But the vibe was amazing. I was totally digging the way Romy was feeling out these tracks, Will’s playfulness and creativity, and Josh’s energy and patience in his moves. I tried applying what I saw in their rounds to my own and I had a blast going through that because of them. That’s what vibing out and sharing is all about in the cypher!

Though I can feel a lot I still need to improve and even things I need to work on again. I need to start drilling again because I can feel a lot of my body starting to atrophy. Particularly my legs (knees) and a lot of my left side. Also I need to be more patient with the music and with my movements even if I feel like being daring with creativity on the spot. I need to set up a steady underlying groove and apply that to my rounds more. I’d like to get that down a bit more consistently.

All new things to continuously work on! Gets me excited and hype for the next session


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