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80’s Funk Session at Mission

Before I forget I wanted to mention that I had a freaking awesome session with Romy, Will, Josh, Josh, and Ceech earlier at mission.

Josh just straight up played dope 80’s tracks that we’ll never ever get to battle. But the vibe was amazing. I was totally digging the way Romy was feeling out these tracks, Will’s playfulness and creativity, and Josh’s energy and patience in his moves. I tried applying what I saw in their rounds to my own and I had a blast going through that because of them. That’s what vibing out and sharing is all about in the cypher!

Though I can feel a lot I still need to improve and even things I need to work on again. I need to start drilling again because I can feel a lot of my body starting to atrophy. Particularly my legs (knees) and a lot of my left side. Also I need to be more patient with the music and with my movements even if I feel like being daring with creativity on the spot. I need to set up a steady underlying groove and apply that to my rounds more. I’d like to get that down a bit more consistently.

All new things to continuously work on! Gets me excited and hype for the next session


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Utada Live Concert Stream

Tonight right when I was going to go to sleep I was reminded of Utada Hikaru’s live concert stream. I was so very into her in high school and I still love a lot of her music today.

For the most part I was getting down to a lot of her songs. Minus like Across the Universe cover. But getting down and feeling out songs like Automatic, Time Will Tell, First Love, Beautiful World…man that was extraordinary. Also because it was somewhat live it felt great.

She’s an amazing performer and i’m go grateful that I got to see it. The joy that she expressed in front of being in front of all of those audience members was exhilarating to see. She had such a powerful, positive aura and presence. And her smile and her eyes towards the end…I can understand what she’s feeling. And it just left me in awe state of inspiration. That’s exactly where I want to get to one day. To be on a stage to feel what she felt at that moment. To embrace the love, energy, and vibe of the crowd.

A lot of things in my life serve as a a reminder for what I’m aiming for in my future. This is a huge one to have seen and felt even tho it was through a PC monitor.

I’m just so incredibly re-inspired again.
But what can I say? It’s automatic =)
and Time will Tell 😉

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Last month of 2010

So it’s finally December after such an amazing year. I’m excited to really be able to look back on this year and gauge my improvements, changes, and transitions that I know have transpired over the last few months.

It truly feels like the first year where i’m applying everything i’ve ever learned in life to the moment. It grants me eternal sanity and peace in the now regardless if i’m thinking about the present, future, or past.

Well anyway, I took a few weeks off from a lot of things just to give myself a breather. I spent almost everyday being so obsessed with life and dance. Constantly thinking about things questioning everything and finding trouble sleeping because i’d find so much joy in my thoughts. Life has become so fun this year. SO fun that I honestly feel it caused my insomnia. But like I said I tried to give myself a little break from all that just to also give myself a different perspective. Going back to how I used to be for a few weeks has done wonders.

I realize that I don’t necessarily want to be an all or nothing kind of person. All-or-nothing is easy. It’s finding and maintaining a gray area that I know is challenging for me.

But i’m getting so much out of life that I don’t want to spread myself too thin. I missed my old gamer life when I was out traveling and dancing. And when i’m home just going about those gamer habits I do sometimes feel I should still be working on maintaining my body, practicing, dancing, or researching more music, etc.

And then there’s school. Man I freaking love learning right now. If it’s not the lessons i’m getting out of school it’s just out of my curiosity in things and looking em up and studying. up on them. Reminds me how I’ve yet to post about my relating Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to dance concepts.

Damn way tired after playing cata tonight. Can’t believe I just spend $100 on blizzard games this week. But i’m having way fun anyway. Just gotta manage my time and sleep better for sure.

Definitely planning on blogging a ton tomorrow tho.

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