The Locking Life of Lil b

Locking lifestyle


When it comes to life; I believe everything is worth it. From the biggest accomplishments to the smallest feelings it’s all a part of the experience of life. Sure some parts, at times, may leave a more lasting impression than others but I grew tired of trying to define life/lives through the power of comparison.

Who’s to say that there are things in this life that “aren’t worth it” when compared to other things? (Experiences, moments, lifestyles, ideals, motives, feelings, dreams, etc..)

To each his/her own journey!

Respect where others are, where they come from, and where they are going. Just because one believes in a certain way of living is the right way for you doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for everyone else. Comparing your way with others does not justify your “correct” way of thinking nor should it devalue others lives! Carrying out that thought-process, I find, can be disrespectful.

Each one has a unique life. Similarities or not; unique is key. Respect each persons uniqueness in all aspects.

I’ve found out a way about my life that I know is currently incredibly fitting for me. I’m still in the process of enveloping and developing it for myself and this will always be the case. I wish to share my way of life with others but not to brainwash, insist upon, or convince. Just to share ME. I believe others have their own way about life and may be able to see and understand my journey and way of life. If anything, we’ll have respect for one another. We should always respect one another.

Life isn’t about any one quote. Any one ideal. Any one dream. Any one ANYTHING. Life is simply what it is and it’s up to the individual to define and make use of it for themselves. Make it for yourself and to yourself. Comparisons shouldn’t be what adjusts how meaningful life is. It’s such a selfish egotistical thought-process that lately has been trying to externally poke its way into my heart.

But as I work hard to rid myself of obsessions of TIME & RANKING/COMPARING I find myself being tempted to come back to these thoughts. These thoughts that can force people to believe they are better or worse than others. That allow people to visualize a ladder to place others on.

I never again want to see that ladder. I don’t see myself as above or below anything or anyone. We’re all equal. We all have a life and we all make the BEST use of it. We’re all on the same (horizontal) line growing, changing, EXPERIENCING from life. Respect that. Respect that in each other!

Respect –> Life = Dance
(Respect life. Respect dance.)


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