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A simple stroll

I had to mail a check out earlier today and instead of driving and losing parking to drop it off I decided to walk down the street for once. I also missed out on Milk tea tho..

I bumped into Lily who I used to talk to a lot in high school. Didn’t get much of a conversation going. In fact it was more like a “hey lily do you remember me?” and she acknowledged my existence but she just kept on going. Reminded me of how delicate relationships and friendships can be. Without maintaining them, to a certain degree, they can dwindle and in the eventually simply come to an end.

I also dropped in on Yumi Deli; just a local deli down the street. I used to frequent the place when I was in middle school and once in a while when I was in high school. Haven’t been in there in at least…4 years? The owner remembered me though and wanted to know how me and the family was doing. I was surprised she remembered me! It was a definitely a good feeling.

It brings me to something i’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks and that would be “PRESENCE” and “LAST IMPRESSIONS”.

Presence is a powerful aspect of personality that has been deep within my recent thought process. I tie it in with what I learned in Okinawa from Seen-san about “AURA”. It’s something to take notice of within other people and how it affects you. When it comes to you yourself it’s something that I believe CAN be trained (take that how you will).

But as powerful as Presence is, the opposite of it is also just as powerful. Absence of a being is also something to take notice of. I compared it once to how silence can be a powerful gesture given the right delivery. Or even within dance, stops can be just as strong as movement. The concept of a missing presence is what’s really been on my mind.

Last impressions has been a small topic within my recent brainstorming sessions. A lot of people focus on getting that “first impression” done right because it’s something you only get one shot of. Sure, I can agree to that. But it shouldn’t be an and-all-be-all factor. It’s just another part of life. The initial meeting.

Anyway, i’ve been thinking about the LAST impression that you leave on somebody. I didn’t think about it in a way where I thought about how I want people to constantly remember me or having control of how people perceive me. That would be a foolish thought and i’d never succumb to such a selfish way of going about my everyday life. It came to mind when thinking about people I haven’t seen in a very long time. As I come from many different communities, cultures, hobbyists, …etc.. I wonder how those people remember me and what they would think of me seeing me now. Would they see growth, change, familiarities, differences and whatever else? It was interesting to think about as I have come across people this year who haven’t seen me in years. For the most part i’ve they’ve said a lot of good things about what they see in me now. And that’s what it is…it’s just always about the NOW! But the past is there for us to compare to.

If I were to focus on thinking about my future first and last impressions I would go about them in the same fashion. It’s just something I don’t think about all the time but i’m always prepared to be ME to the fullest I can within the moment. What others would come to think of me..well, at least I’m happy with what’s going on inside of here.

And well, this was a life post, but if you think about it in terms of dance…isn’t it a remarkably similar way to go about it?

Life = Dance


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