The Locking Life of Lil b

Locking lifestyle

Memories (Word count = 143)

My memories are reminding me of the fact that i’ve been in love.

They aren’t tormenting nor at the moment are they uplifting.

I’m simply reminded of who I once was and that i’m capable of loving and being loved.

I was lucky then.

I remember that missing someone is such a powerful emotion.

and even the thought of expressing my emotion through movement would still bring me to my knees.

I wasn’t weak, I just loved.

As I move along the road of detachment and a life without regrets I recall these thoughts.

But I don’t know any words to express how I feel now when I think of everything that happened then.

I understand that life is as it should be in this moment.

If it’s okay, for just this one time…I wish the me at this moment existed back then.


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