The Locking Life of Lil b

Locking lifestyle


I asked God for a sign. I walked into the next room and picked up the first thing that stood out to me. I picked up “The Warrior of Light” by Paulo Cohello a book I haven’t opened since I bought it. The first page i flipped to..

The Warrior of the Light does not always have faith.

There are moments when he believes in absolutely nothing. And he asks his heart: “Is all this effort really worth it?”

But his heart remains silent. And the Warrior has to decide for himself.

He looks for an example and remembers that Jesus went through something similar in order to inhabit fully the human condition.

“Take away this cup from me,” said Jesus. He too lost heart and courage, but he did not stop.

The warrior of the Light continues despite his lack of faith. He goes forward and, in the end, faith returns.


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