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Great session at Mixed Practice

I’m glad I decided to head into SF after class tonight! I mean, why wouldn’t I? Dance space was available, nearby, and has dope peeps! I need to go out every chance I can. No excuses! Except maybe money, but that’s never really an issue with practice spots in the bay.

I had a great time cyphering and screwing around with MikeyP, Mikey Disko, Dennis, Annis, and some others. I’m pretty sure I did all the hip hop/new jack I know and then some haha. but agh! I wanna practice it more cuz it’s way fun when a whole stream of hip hop jams come on. And I think if I make a Funky DL video like i’m planning to I don’t really wanna do all lockin’. and yeesh…I need to get more old school hip hop jams cuz i’m unfamiliar with a ton of em that it seems like i’m supposed to know about lol.

Time to get to drilling tho since I didn’t get to do any of that today yet.

Mixed Practice is hosted by Mikey Disco at City Dance at 10 Colton st. San Francisco. Wednesday nights from 9:30PM – 11:00+. $3

also check out Dennis’ Hip Hop Class that’s right before Mixed Practice


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