The Locking Life of Lil b

Locking lifestyle


Wth screw that last post. I may have let my feelings touchdown below ground for a moment but my belief is that life is as best as you believe it to especially within the MOMENT!

With that said..

I AM adjusting my spirit & soul to bend and not break to be ready for every external situation that will touch me internally.

My heart IS ready for all forms of my internal expression.

I AM CONSTANTLY challenging my mind to increase it’s vocabulary and smartingnerdness so that I may share my ideas with others and the depths that I believe in them if others will lend their heartears to me.

I AM strengthening my body in the forms of health, control, balance, physical strength, stamina&endurance, flexibility, and comfortableness.

I am OPEN to everyone and anyone but right now there’s a focus on myself for myself.

These next 2 months will be strenuous on my physical and mental but the reward will be well worth the effort.

It’ll be physically demanding due to all the training, drilling, and body maintenance.

It’ll be emotionally developing(heh) because I AM going to testing my will and courage to put forth MY best for MY dreams and walk MY path. We all walk along the same direction in life at one time or another but maybe lately i’ve been taking small steps into other people’s paths or trying to have them try mine. Although I need to trust in their journey and to trust in my own. It’s hard for me not to want to butt in especially when it comes to close people that I care deeply about. But I need to once again prove to myself and eventually others that there is validity in the way I choose to live my life with my WHOLE and not just my MIND/WORDS.

Everyday a new Lil b will wake up to face the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly…no…LIFELONG challenges. and everyday he will be ready.

I am ready.


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