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Lately i’ve been finding so much inspiration in everything and everyone around me. At the end of the night (actually, usually the early morn’) my heart burns with an intense passion to want to improve. My heart never really has a clear vision of what my whole is aiming for. My mind is supposed to figure all of that out and right now i’m still at a loss for a long-term attainable goal. I think I want to do well in a jam in Canada, Philly, or overseas next. I’d just like to have a specific jam to look forward to. Of course I have other kinds of long-term goals but I already know those will never be fulfilled. But hey..that’s a good thing 😉

I wish I could properly explain this feeling that keeps me up at night. Before I thought maybe I was stressed? But that’s definitely not the case. I just get so excited about what’s to come in my life. The mystery of the future brings out so much energy out of my present. And lately my heart has something it really wants to express. But my heart has no words! It just wants to express it’s feeling. I need my body to be able to handle what my heart wants to handle. That’s where i’m at right now. I need to train my body to match up with what’s stirring up on the inside. I can’t quite tell a very clean story everytime right now when I dance. But that’s the goal for the next 2 months. Train train train train drill drill drill drill.

Because i’ve been traveling so much I lost the intense training schedule I used to have. So now it’s time to back into it. But i’ll go into detail about that tomorrow.


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  1. I happened to pass by this blog. I’m happy I did because it put a smile on my face, knowing that there’s someone who feels the same way I do. What got me was especially when you said “I wish I could properly explain this feeling that keeps me up at night.” x3 That’s how I feel when I’m breaking or locking.

    Comment by Anonymous | October 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Hey there! thanks for dropping in! I believe finding like-minded or in this case like-spirited people can be an incredibly gratifying feeling! and I know for a fact that it feels even BETTER when you get the find or meet someone to vibe out those feelings with on the dance floor. Maybe one day we’ll meet there~ Stay up and stay funky! =)

      Comment by Lil b | October 6, 2010 | Reply

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