The Locking Life of Lil b

Locking lifestyle

Ouch ouch ouch

Stupid injury!!

I’ll go more into the logistics of it later but i got something to bitch about. I’m totally kicking myself right now.

A month or so ago Junko had asked me to perform with her and some other people to do their Carnival piece. It was gonna take place at the Ford Amphitheater in LA and it sounded like a pretty big deal. I know the practices and rehearsals were in LA but in was gonna still try to come when i could to practice with everybody. But because of i sustained an injury from ATWL I had to let Junko know that i should probably not do it.

I mean I think i could’ve healed up in time but I wouldn’t be able to practice the choreo on my own or at the rehearsals. Junko was really understanding but i was still pretty heartbroken not being able to do it because I was really happy that she had asked me to do it with them.

And my recent craze has been all about Genki Sudo and World Order. Their videos are amazing! And i just found out that they’re going to be performing at the same event in was supposed to perform in with Junko and the others. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh damnmit!!!

First not being able to share the same stage as the Gogo brothers and now missing out on sharing it with Genki Sudo.

Agh!! Okay last time I’ll complain about it cuz I’m out to live a life without regrets.


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