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Atwl + some aftermath

It’s taken me a while to even want to begin talking about how All The Way Live went but now I have so much that i wanna say about it.

First off…dreams and long term goals are definitely achievable. I’m now a dream believer.

After 8 months of starting from scratch(prestige), training, drilling, soul-searching, entering competitions, taking classes, inspiring dance theory conversations, winning, losing, … Just EVERYTHING… I did it. I was able to win All The Way Live. All of it was for this just because I wanted to give myself a goal worth fighting for.

A few days after ATWL I was reading my whiteboard and read a quote that’s there to remind me of what Seen-san told us when i was in Okinawa.

(Roughly translated) The quote is:
“Dancers are sad people because their dreams never really come true. Every time they improve and achieve their goals they always want to get EVEN BETTER!”

Like i said it’s very roughly translated and i don’t really like the way I initially worded it. I’ll fix it later. Anyway, to me, it’s just expressing that there is no end to a dancers journey. There is no”yes I’ve hit the top” or” I’m the best that I ever can be” or anything like that. As a dancer I know I’ll never be satisfied with myself. I always want to stay hungry and keep at it to improve myself internally and externally. I’m glad that I’m able to walk along this route with people like Bionic and Pharside. Their never-ending hunger is a powerful constant reminder for me to stay on top of my game.

After ATWL that’s exactly how i feel about myself and my progress. I was able to achieve something huge in my life and vie never been able to do something like this before. Never before have i been able to set out for a long term goal and put in the blood, sweat, and tears to achieve  it. Honestly I’ve only been able to achieve short-term goals and I think with a lot of those I’d just peg myself as lucky when they did happen. I mean I don’t want to discount previous milestones…This one was just different!

I couldn’t be more than happier with my results. I set out everything that I wished to accomplish! It wasn’t just about winning. I wanted to show and prove to the bay area, my home, that I’m not that same Lil b that they knew before. I went through everything this year to change and develop the real and natural dancer inside of me with true goals and passion. I wanted to show everyone more then just that definable”character” of Lil b that everyone was accustomed to for the past 3 years. I think that i was able to show it.

I know it shouldn’t be a big deal for me to set out to do something like that but it really was important to me. Because after i came home from Okinawa and I knew how I wanted to develop my dance and what i wished to express, I found that it was still be hard for me to be comfortable with my new style in front of most people, cyphers, and battles. You dance a certain way for 3 years and it’s hard to just drop the same habits and mentalities right away.

But oh man…ATWL was different. Honestly I couldn’t remember like 90% of the things that I did or anything that transpired during my battles. That’s a legitimate first for me. I couldn’t even recall how I felt during the battles. It just felt like my body was finally moving on it’s own accord. Marching to the beat of it’s own drum, if you will.
~I was finally able to remove my head out of the equation~

I had never been one to feel or want to openly express this comfortably but right now there’s no other way for me to explain it. It really felt like God was moving me that night. Not just through the battles but throughout the night did I feel this way. I changed costumes before every battle and really had no inkling to why I was doing that. I had no reason in my mind. I just did it every time and I also wasn’t making a big deal out of it. It was just unlike me. Well … the old me?

Before my mind drifted to a higher entity flowing though me…I could only recall how into the music I was. How I didn’t pay much attention to anything else besides the music. I mean when I watch it i feel there was a lot I could’ve easily improved upon but just being in that kind of”zone” in a public setting where all eyes are on me…that was an accomplishment in itself.
~Being able to dance just like I do when I’m by myself.~

I was also able to up against two people that I look up to so much. That would be Tiff(Jimini) and Jihon(Shyguy). I also don’t want to forget to mention being able to go up against Alan(Ka-lock) who I was just SO damn proud of!!

I’d never gone against Tiff in a battle despite us having entered the same jams before but I’d always thought about it because I knew that we’d both just have the time of our lives. I LOVE cyphering, getting down, and just watching her! She’s an amazing and inspiring dancer that is always just expressing LOVE! it was such an honor to share the same stage with her.



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