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Locking lifestyle

Read the omens. And read them correctly

I’m having a heluva day and i think i’m just beat. Thinking about the battle tomorrow has been somewhat stressful. and i’m starting to see some signs but i really want to make sure i’m seeing them in the correctly light.

I lost my glasses in my car for a few hours today and found them during the drive home but they’re finally broken. At first I let it kick me while my head was already down but I wanted to see it in a different way. I think it was showing me that my vision is blurred. The mentality i’m applying to myself and to the jam isn’t the right way to be going about it. I need to correct it if i’m to do my very best tomorrow.

I think i’m putting this jam on a pedestal. Yes, much like the same phrase from 40-year-old virgin. But i need to think of it as any other jam leading up to the next jam. The goal has and always should be to do better than I did yesterday. And if I can still do that, i’ll be happy! That’s what it should be like when it comes to this world (of dance). It’s all subjective and sure there are precautions and preparations that can be made to increase the odds of advancing in a battle, for me, it’s still about self-expression. If i can freely express myself in the ways I want to and still adhering to the basics and foundation of the dance…then i’m doing right for myself. Right? And I don’t want to see that as selfish either even tho that’s a word that’s been shoved in my face tonight. It’s always for the better of tomorrow. BIG PICTURE!

I always have to remind myself of the big picture even when the small (negative) events pop up into my life. We’re never a finished product and we’re always striving to learn more and become better, right? I wish people would stop taking things at face value. That includes how people perceive my actions and thoughts. There’s always going to be a next time. Another conversation. another encounter. Be patient and let people learn! Agh i know this is all jumbled but i’im sleepy.

Well, I know I just have to be confident in myself and what I believe in as of this moment. I’ll apply all of it with the bestest of my ability and see the results. Then comes to aftermath where I’m truly tested to see if I learned anything and if my views will change. That’s why I do all of this. I’m glad I reminded myself of it. If i can grow NOW to be a better person, then later I’ll be able to handle more of these life obstacles and be able to take care of others. I’m still learning to take care of myself. That’s the honest to damn truth. You gotta love yourself before you love others.


-Lil b


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