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Funny Bones Crew Locking Battle

Today i entered a 1on1 locking event in Long Beach held by the funny bones crew. They had locking, popping, MC, DJ, Beats, and graffiti battles today.

So I’m able to count how many lockers entered on just one hand. We had 5 entrants cut down to top 4 brackets. Top 4 was me vs. David and Junko vs. Blaowser. Dope battles.

Then it ended up with me and junko in the finals. Our 2nd time being able to solo battle! Haha I love getting down with her. After a surprisingly long wait through popping battles and other battles Junko and I had our 2 round final with an extra tie breaker. Super fun battle but I was so exhausted.

I thought junko took it for sure. I thought she was way more composed and with the music. Sometimes I knew I was a little off or struggling to keep my energy up. But luckily they chose me and I got to go home with another huge trophy and swag bag courtesy of FBC!

Yeah there weren’t a lot of entrants but I like to support whoever else is supporting locking. Tronik told me they were thinking of not having it but he pushed for it to stay. I do wish more people could’ve come. Cuz it should all be for the love of the dance and the community, right? Oh well, next time.

Man I wish I lived down here in so cal. I had so much fun with the homeland peeps during and afterwards at dinner. And I totally owe Jenn something for letting me crash here.


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