The Locking Life of Lil b

Locking lifestyle

From Lucid

~Define your ability to progress blindy through a culture of dance with the only true fear being ur subconscience mind constantly trying to cage the freedom ur body desires & manifests through movement yes music is key! as so is ur once in a lifetime psychological & physical changing moment in where both ur mind & body …finally “Let Go & Are Truly Free”, join me…~


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Bionic – “Remants”

This is something I definitely have to share with the world.

Bionic is and always will be one of my most important motivations and inspirations in my dance life. And the best thing about this piece is how I can feel himself really pouring his emotion and feel into it. I can feel the long hours of dedication and how much he thought of TAPU as he made it and performed. I’ve never met TAPU but i’ve heard a lot about her from Bionic, Kazoo, Haruki, Mikey Disko. I’ve heard that her dance, her animation was YEARS ahead of it’s time. Losing her was such a shock to them and to the community.

But because of performances like this and hearing about her she is STILL inspiring people. Isn’t that crazy? Dedication in inspiration. Inspiration in dedication.

My heroes heroes. My inspirations inspiration. (i’m so sure that’s grammatically incorrect) These things are important to me too. Never look at just the surface of things! Big picture, baby. Big picture.

“Dream like you’ll live forever. Live like you’ll die tomorrow” – TAPU

and that’s forreal.

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July was insanity mode!

Wooo man…July went better than I had expected! This was my major plans for July:

7/9 Weekend: Bakersfield trip (plan fell thru)

7/17 Weekend: LA for the Homeland Battle

7/24 Weekend: New York for Step Ya Game Up

7/31 Weekend: Vegas for Hip Hop International

then August has been like this so far:

8/7 Weekend: LA trip for my Cousin’s baby Shower

8/14 Weekend: LA for Funny Bones Crew Battles

I left my home in Daly City on 7/22 for my afternoon flight to the NYC! The plan was to be in NYC until the 21st where i’d fly out to Vegas. Of course both trips were for battles! Step ya Game up was in NYC on the 24th and HHI battles were on the 31st.

It’s been an insane month for sure. I haven’t been home during a weekend in SO long. But all of this traveling, entering jams, meeting’s been an AMAZING experience. It makes me feel truly alive, free, and happy to be a dancer. Everywhere I went I kept thinking about how lucky I was to be a dancer. Haruki-san was right…being a dancer will bring me everything I need in life. Traveling also reminded me of the fam back home like Bionic, Ceech, Pharside… traveling around the world to meet, greet, and dance. They pave the road for me to see and I can walk it now that I see it.

I’ve met so many wonderful people. These people make me feel like i’m not alone in this world. Sometimes in the Bay it could be hard to find people with similar points of views on dance related subjects. But as I met more and more people I found that I wasn’t the only one that felt that way and were just as happy to meet me. I get to understand why people from different places dance and what it truly means to them. and i’ve come across a very POWERFUL message that transcends dance, people..words. Hmm…not gonna speak of it now tho. I want my dance to express it before any words come out.

I’m still not back home yet but I don’t exactly yearn to go back home just yet. I love traveling. I believe every dance needs to travel. And it’s not just to meet other people or win jams. That’s the least of what you can get out of it. You’ve also the opportunity to find yourself and reflect on your ongoing journey. Stupid quote from Step up 3d but.. “The journey is more important than the arrival” (or something like that) But it’s definitely true.

Embrace yourself in the moment during your journey and understand the importance of growth within yourself. Then when you’re inspired by others you can easily apply it to yourself in a way that suits YOU!

I’ll go more into detail about every little kick of inspiration in my other posts about each individual event 🙂

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Funny Bones Crew Locking Battle

Today i entered a 1on1 locking event in Long Beach held by the funny bones crew. They had locking, popping, MC, DJ, Beats, and graffiti battles today.

So I’m able to count how many lockers entered on just one hand. We had 5 entrants cut down to top 4 brackets. Top 4 was me vs. David and Junko vs. Blaowser. Dope battles.

Then it ended up with me and junko in the finals. Our 2nd time being able to solo battle! Haha I love getting down with her. After a surprisingly long wait through popping battles and other battles Junko and I had our 2 round final with an extra tie breaker. Super fun battle but I was so exhausted.

I thought junko took it for sure. I thought she was way more composed and with the music. Sometimes I knew I was a little off or struggling to keep my energy up. But luckily they chose me and I got to go home with another huge trophy and swag bag courtesy of FBC!

Yeah there weren’t a lot of entrants but I like to support whoever else is supporting locking. Tronik told me they were thinking of not having it but he pushed for it to stay. I do wish more people could’ve come. Cuz it should all be for the love of the dance and the community, right? Oh well, next time.

Man I wish I lived down here in so cal. I had so much fun with the homeland peeps during and afterwards at dinner. And I totally owe Jenn something for letting me crash here.

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