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Things to remember from step ya game up

Heard some GREAT stuff today so I wanna jot down some of it before I forget.

Practice moves at different tempos
0 1 2 3 4 5

0: super slow motion
1: slow motion
2: groove
3: regular pace(?) 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4
4: double time 1&2&3&4 1&2&3&4
5: 16ths &a1-2-3-4 &a5-6&a7&8
6: insanity level. Moving so fast it’s like you barely do anything at all

Add in levels, movement, character. So much to work with!

If you dress in stripes with a big hat you’re gonna dance funny. Dance in baggy sluggish clothes you’ll dance that way. Same for tight strict clothes. Dress comfortably. Dress to be you.

Have your base and add on top of it. For instance: dancing with add locking to the mix. Other example was: I wanna be boogaloo style, or robot, or strutting. Now I’ll add in other styles to that base thought. That gives it that twist with something stable to follow.

Once you’re working on rhythm and musicality…whoosh! Just a whole other level..

Out of control lockers from London.

Those kids are HUNGRY

Don’t be lazy and not willing to train and workout. If you do, there’s someone below you ready to just rise up and take over. Lockers always have to be fit and ready.

Be YOU and be clean and on point.

Lockers are show offs! Lockers are the entertainers. Make sure In an event like this that everyone will be talking about you. Did you see this did you see that?! Make em talk good, cuz they will talk bad if you sucked.

Be in it to win it. It’s nice and cute that you’re all friends out here but for the competition..well..


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