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I decided to give myself a goal for the remainder of the year. And along with the goal comes a reward for myself in the form of a tattoo. Though I haven’t really decided on what and where yet. My goal date will be December 25th so that I can go out and get it on the 26th.

I’d just like to be satisfied with my progression of my dance by then. If I can manage that then I reward myself with a self-Xmas present haha. I’m going to give myself 2 checkpoints to check my progress. One will be in august and the other November. I’m thinking of using my bday in august and thanksgiving. Better known as: “the day before black Friday” to us nerds and penny-pinchers.

I only have 4 ideas for tattoos so far tho:

1. Red star. This comes from my love of the movie “Ping Pong”. It’d be a great reminder of the highest dreams I wish to make come true. Reminder to never give up on myself and how much hard work I really need to put in. It’d also definitely remind me of all my training this year since I “prestiged” at the beginning of this year. I’d remember my harsh self trainings and workouts, everything I learned in Okinawa, all my new friends and fam, and all the incredible sessions. It’s the tattoo on the top of my list. Heh

2. “Battle Physically, Conquer Mentally”. Last year I would’ve gotten this done if I had really thought about wanting a tattoo. I still believe in this saying a lot in this community. But my focus isn’t really all in just the battles. If I can further improve my dance then the battle results should just come naturally. But also on that note, this saying doesn’t apply to being judged in a battle. It comes down to the two (or however many are in it) giving it all they got. Besting the other person in such a way that they just know it to the deepest of their soul. Getting under their skin. Ripping em a new one. Hah!

3. Lil b. Even before being a part of any community I had thought about getting my name done. But right now it doesn’t really swing well in my head. Maybe if I can see more examples of it being done I can convince myself to do it.

4. Musical notes. My cousin Ryan got these done on his arm in remembrance of my father. This one I have no qualms with doing whatsoever. And I’d probably do these on my legs. Or actually I’d like it on my shoulder to represent the things I had to take over when my father passed away.

Well, if i really want this done I gotta get back to training. I just took a break at 6am to write up this post. 😉


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