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it’s been about a month…

So ever since I won that footloose competition, I’ve been insanely sick. I was starting to think that this ipad is cursed lol. It started with food poisoning and moved in to stomach, chest, and throat problems. My symptoms pointed to acid reflux disease as it was the only thing that made sense as time went by. There were a few times that I thought I was better and went out to practice. Those were horrible ideas. I’d spend less than 10 minutes warming up and I’d feel like vomiting. Seriously not fun times.

But now I’m back in action. I thoroughly felt way better the past 2 days and even went to mission to see everyone for the last day of the semester. I got in some practice time but I mostly stretched out to loosen up. I noticed a few things tho that I really gotta get to working on right away.

I mentioned it’s been almost a month since I’ve danced and it’s spelled disaster for my body. The first notable thing that happened is that I’ve lost a TON of weight. I’ve dropped about 10 pounds since I came back from japan. And that’s all during the sickness. I’ve gotta gain some of that back. I’m looking way too scrawny lol.

Another thing is my legs. Since I’ve barely been using them they’ve gotten pretty weak. I used to test how far and how long I could drop and do half-splits for. Before I left for japan I was able to make it all the way across the mission studio. It was probably around 15 or so to get from one end of the mirror to the other before I would start to lose my balance. Now I can only manage about 4 before I’m exhausted.

That then leads me to my stamina. Its completely gone. I already knew this from entering the headhunters anniversary battle last weekend. (reminder: blog about that event). I’ve never felt it this bad tho. It really makes me realize how out of shape and unhealthy I am. I know i’ve naturally always had more willpower than stamina but this is just too much.

So it it’s time to get back to drilling and working on these 3 things for starters. Well, I guess 2 out of 3 since I can’t gain weight while dancing.

The rest of the time there I was helping out the DSP girls with their routine for this weekend. It’s finally the “All girls battle and showcase” event. I’ll be there for sure. I think it’d be pretty homo not to go :p (right cy? Haha). And it’ll be hilarious watching all the guys trying to spit game.

I’m glad I was able to see some of the students tho. I’ve felt so terrible about not being around to help them since ive been sick or to be able to watch their performances. I thought I would’ve gotten out of the HH event fast enough that I could drive over to west valley to catch it. But man, the event was laggy as hell.

On a side note… I’m completely addicted to my iPad :X


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