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How The West Was Won 2009

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This year was my first year to come out to Freestyle Session/How The West Was Won and man I had a blast. Such high energy and skilled locking and popping going on within the circles and during the actual competition. I got to see a lot of the Socal people that I haven’t really spent time with in a while. Though I did see some of them a few weeks prior at Hip Hop International.

I drove down to the event with Magic Mike, Bryant, and Cyril. Bryant and Cyril were down there for blizzcon. Mike and I were there to hit up both. HTWWW was a 2 day event. We were told that Saturday was pre-lims and the rest would be done on Sunday. At least that’s what we thought before we got to the event.

Mike and I barely got there on time because Downtown LA traffic was insane. But luckily we were able to get signed-up and we were good to go.

I went with the usual Black and Red striped shirt and socks with my brand new parachute pants. Those are definitely my most comfortable and favorite pants that I own. I picked them up at HHI as UFOJeans had a table set up there.

You can check out their site here:

Also if you’re interested in purchasing any, one of their online retailers is:

I was actually trying to find a new costume for this event but I wasn’t able to find any new stripes that I liked. I was able to find Black and Pink from the same line that made my black and red shirt but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was also going to wear my new Keep on Lockin’ shirt but it didn’t feel comfortable because I hadn’t practiced in them yet. But it’s okay, I redeemed that shirt a few weeks afterwards =)

There were roughly around 25 entrants for Locking and I think over 70 for Popping. I felt that there were a few notable names missing from the lineup this year. Especially with Shyguy, Lockadelic, Scramblelock, Treklock, and Jo-dance tearing stuff up so well last year! At least I think some of those names were up there last year. Lockadelic was there but she didn’t enter this time around. I never got to ask why too. I absolutely love watching her in competitions!

But one name I wasn’t ever expecting to see in the same lineup that I was in was Flomaster! I was sooo excited to hear that he was entering. And just seeing him getting hyped up and ready to go got my pumped up too. Of course I did feel like 95% confident that he was going to win it.  A lot of the people in the competition look up to him greatly and have even taken classes/workshops from him. Also he was a judge the year before so of course he’s a top contender to win. I was able to ask him on Sunday about him entering actually. I asked if he’s going to continue entering these events because I think it’s GREAT that he opted to enter. It gives some of the other top contenders a chance to go up against one of the greats still in his prime!

That’s why I mentioned some of the missing notable names. I’m not very knowledgeable with all of the locker’s in the scene but those are some of the few that I’d love to see have more stage time together and especially against Flo! I also felt that Fire-lock vs. Flo would be an amazing show. Hopefully if we can all keep making it out to these big events we’ll be able to witness some incredible battles. And I don’t say this downplaying the quality of the lockers at HTWWW this year but I wasn’t familiar with a lot of them right from the get-go. But man there were some insane and original people! I still get hype just thinking about everyone.

Preliminary Round!


Baby-L – Lil b – Junko – Boogiewalker

Top 8!

Lil b vs. Baby-L

Tie-Breaker Round!

Lil b vs. Baby-L


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