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Another good night at the Cellar

This past weekend was my cheat weekend where I didn’t worry too much about my dance, diet, or sleeping schedule. School just started for me last week and I’ve been happy with my progress in school so I gave myself this little time to unwind. But I can already feel the difference in my body after tons of fatty foods and lack of exercise.

Last night I was at the Cellar with some of the usual’s again. There was also Take(sp?) whom I haven’t seen too much but i’ve seen him around. Very fun to watch hip-hop and house dancer. But man being around Rashaad and them makes me want to rush to get to other styles asap. But I think it might take a bit more research for me than locking to find out the dances to what songs and the feels. I absolutely love watching them get down.

Recently while there I just kind of end up observing everyone else when they’re getting down. Not because i’m lazy or tired but because i’m just in awe at how awesome the dancing is. And I keep watching to learn and retain what’s going on. It’s a bit shameful but I have to admit to not knowing enough “hip-hop” dances or styles.

I have at home and I need to really go through and make sure I get these dances down. This DVD is amazing and it taught me a lot. I just need to make sure I take the time to train, drill, and remember the dances. I’m going to make sure to get to that tomorrow afternoon during my study breaks.


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