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Sept 1 @ The Cellar + First day of Mission College Hip Hop

Yesterday was pretty cool in terms of dancing. It was the first day of Mission College and I always enjoy coming through to meet all the new faces interested in learning from Ceech. Over the years i’ve been there a lot of familiar faces always try to come back and stick with it. Either advancing to the intermediate class or just staying with beginning class. Either way, it’s great to see that they stay and the reasons for it.

Ceech’s classes have been an important role in my growth as a dancer as i’ve been there since I started dancing.  And one thing that Roland and Ceech have stressed during orientation is that people have built really strong connections just from that class alone. It must be because of people becoming passionate about something with new/old friends. To me it’s just wonderful to see on a weekly basis because it’s also as Ceech said “Dance is a social thing.”

Though I was a little sad that it seems to look like intermediate attendance has dropped a little bit. Ceech says it’s full but I could’ve swore we had tons more during the Summer. No worries, everyone’s gonna be AWESOME!

I also went to The Cellar last night for Skratchpad. Skratchpad happens every 1st and 3rd Tuesday and it’s pretty crackin’. There’s a room for DJ’s to bring whatever records and scratch. I finally checked it out for a bit last night when it wasn’t so crowded and I remembered how much fun I have watching people DJ and scratch. They do some amazing things. It’s great just feeling the scratches out.

Over there met up with Hadji, Rashaad, Kem, Mike L, and I forget the other 2’s names. One is usually there with Rashaad and the other ran the All-style jam last Wednesday in Mountain View. I’m freaking terrible with names.

I got there pretty late due to coming out of Mission College late so it looked like I miss the funk set when I had arrived. They were playing tons and tons of Hip Hop. Some with a little bit of a funk groove here and there which was cool too.

But Rashaad was telling me to not lock to Hip Hop that night. He wants me to really challenge myself and attack these other styles of dancing and not just locking. Kinda sucks for me since i’ve been figuring out ways to lock to just about everything by changing up my feel but I completely understand where he’s coming from. So almost up until closing I was doing very bare minimum locking, but I felt pretty off. He mentioned also because I was dressed up all lockerish so it’d be hard to shake the habit of being in funk mode.

I really want to get into the habit of practicing other dances now though. But at the same time I don’t want to drop my pace in locking. For a few months i’ve been really focusing on locking and just trying to get better. Opening my mind to new philosophies and mentalities to help progress my locking. and so far I finally feel like i’m getting somewhere I haven’t been before. I feel like I have a little bit more control of my movements and creativity. I’m working on different feels with the music and following different rhythms. On an everyday basis i’m drilling drilling drilling and working out my core. Still need to figure out what I can do to work on my stamina but that’ll happen eventually.

One of my main goals is to become a “dancer” and not just a locker or a popper or a bboy. I’d love to get to the point that no matter what song is playing I can get along with it and groove it out. People like Buddha Stretch, Dennis, Rashaad, and Ceech are people that inspire me to want to be that way. I don’t want to be a closed minded dancer because I DO have respect for all dances. I know I plan on buckling down and getting to the other styles on my list, but i’m just not bored of locking at all right now. I still feel like I can push my locking to a better place. I know touching up on other styles can only make my locking better too but I can’t shy away from what i’ve been doing just yet. I guess that’s just how focused I am right now.


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